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  • Hilton Garden Inn Da Nang Opens Its Doors In Vietnam


    Leading global hospitality company Hilton (NYSE: HLT) today announced the opening of Hilton Garden Inn Da Nang, the perfect getaway for leisure and business travelers alike. Conveniently situated just four kilometres from the city centre and located along the renowned My ...

  • 5 beautiful but peaceful destinations in Da Nang.


    Da Nang is not only the intersection of the world heritages of the Central but also the most clean and beautiful tourism city of Vietnam with many tourist attractions.

  • Linh Ung Pagoda - spiritual tourist attraction on Son Tra Peninsula


    Linh Ung Pagoda is located on a hill between mountains of Son Tra Peninsula, facing the sea, and leaning on the primeval forests with wild species.

  • Cham islands travel tips


    Recently, when traveling to wild places has become popular, Cham Islands has been a famous destination in the Central of Vietnam.

  • 10 coffee shops should be tried in Da Nang


    10 coffee shops should be tried in Da Nang

  • 7 ideal destinations in Da Nang for Death Anniversary of the Hung Kings


    Da Nang is known as an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists. These are 7 wonderful destinations in Da Nang for Death Anniversary of the Hung Kings

  • Exploring 3 Linh Ung pagodas in Da Nang


    These 3 pagodas are all situated in prime locations of Da Nang, which create a sacred triangle in the city.

  • Ba Na hills - a tourist area on cloud


    Chosen by a lot of tourists, Ba Hill is an extremely beautiful tourist attraction that is located on the high West of Da Nang coastal city. With the all year round cool weather, Ba Na Hill brings tourists the feeling ...

  • Tuy Loan ancient communal house – a nostalgic space


    Tuy Loan ancient communal house is an indispensable destination when traveling to Da Nang which has a bold mark of history, tradition and cultural identity of Vietnam villages.

  • Asia Park – a leisure center characterizes Asian culture


    Asia Park has a bold Asian architectural space with many large-scale buildings and a colorful amusement park. Located in the city center and invested by Ltd. Asia Park owned by Sun Group, is a leading entertainment place in Vietnam with the ...

  • 10 best resorts for wedding photos


    10 best places for your wedding photos

  • The most famous tourist attraction list in Da Nang


    Every year, there is the large number of domestic and foreign tourists choosing Da Nang as there holiday destination. This city is famous for its beautiful natural landscape and majestic monuments and diversity cultural and historical places. To help you ...

  • Hoi An travel guides


    In the last few year, Hoi An has become one of the tourist attractions. To have a great trip to this place, you should get some basic information. The following instruction will help you to know what you need.

  • Under 1 million Da Nang tours


    Da Nang is a beautiful seaside city with many beautiful landscapes and interesting tourist destinations. New year occasion is an appropriate time for a new land journey. If you choose Da Nang as your destination, you can choose these tours.

  • Impressive beauty of the most beautiful landscape


    Being listed in top 10 spectacular and attractive roads of the world by Guardian,Hai Van Pass is a precious gift that is given by nature. Most of the travelers to the Hai Van pass are passionate on its beauty. ...

  • Free tourist destination in Da Nang that you should definitely go


    In addition to many wonderful entertainment places with extravaganza investment, there are also countless free places to visit. The following article will provide you with free attractions.

  • Enjoying Da Nang view at Ban Co peak


    As the highest mountain on Son Tra Peninsula, Ban Co peak is one of tourist attractions of Da Nang city. Travelers to the Son Tra peninsula often visit the Linh Ung Pagoda, Bai But, Bai Rang, Ghenh Bang and ignore ...

  • Han market – a hectic shopping area in the center of Da Nang


    Located in the city center, Han market is one of the largest markets of Da Nang. There are plenty of fresh and appealing goods for residents and tourists.

  • Son Tra peninsula - the green lungs of Da Nang city


    Located at 10 kilometers north-east from the center, 693 m above sea level, Son Tra Peninsula is considered as a precious germ that given by nature with a lot of tourist attractions. Moreover, Son Tra is also a green lung ...

  • Traveling to Da Nang and seeing Dragon Bridge blows fire and water


    Danang is a city of dreams of tourists that is famous for beautiful beaches, unique attractions and the beauty of bridges with unique designs. One of them is the dragon bridge crossing the picturesque Han River.

  • Phu Ninh Lake- The beautiful ink picture.


    Lake Phu Ninh is 7 km from Tam Ky Town to the west, 70 km from Da Nang City and about 15 km from Chu Lai International Airport, Quang Nam Province. It is a beautiful place and ideally for sightseeing, ...

  • Some sports you should try in Da Nang


    The East Asian Sport festival will be held in Da Nang on May 6/2016. These are some sports that you should not miss when visiting Da Nang...