Privacy Policy

To make a reservation on, customers need to ensure the following requirements: 
1. Copyright 

All content and images on the website are not copied in any way but only Use on our website. 
2. Age 

You must be 18 years or older to join the booking on the website. 
3. Payment 

You pay for the booking on the website in 1 of 2 ways:

Credit card or ATM card: at the time you agree to pay your booking by credit card or ATM card. The total cost (attached information) will be announced at the booking page before you click the "accept" button. For credit cards, based on your card's currency and country of issue, the card provider will charge for exchange rates and other fees with your consent and the card provider. 

Cash: at the time of booking, you agree to make a deposit for us on the website by calling or transferring to our account on the booking page, you will receive a confirmation code. book room; or pay cash at CheckinDanang office within 24 hours from the time of transaction. 
4. Confirm booking information

The final confirmation information is when you have made your payment. Otherwise, your reservation may be canceled if you do not make a payment within 24 hours of booking on the page. We cannot guarantee any reservation information until we send the final confirmation email. 
5. Make changes to your booking information: 

We will assist you in the best way to change your booking information; however, we do not guarantee any change requests will be made. Here is the note information:

    Rooms located at the hotel at a specific time or room types are placed in a guaranteed form that cannot be canceled or changed and these information are displayed on the booking page or room provider's room details (See hotel cancellation policy), you should review this information before making a reservation. 
    In addition, we also apply a management fee for requests to change booking / cancellation information accepted, (additional charges in addition to the provider's cancellation fee) 
    If the cancellation is made If you do not succeed or you do not make a check-in in time compared to the booking, you will have to pay the cost of that booking according to the hotel cancellation policy. put.

6. Registration requirements: 

We do not provide your credit card details to any third parties and you may be asked to provide information on the card and cardholder signature. respectively for the purpose of securing the charges incurred if any. The registrant must be at least 18 years old, to confirm customer information, the hotel staff will ask to present an ID card to ensure the information when booking is correct.

In addition, to limit the use of counterfeit credit cards, CheckinDanang may require you to supplement your ID card when booking to confirm the cardholder. A copy of your credit card / ID card may also be retained for the purpose of excluding counterfeit cards, confirming the place of issuance of the credit card, in case of an incident. This information may be provided to us by hotel staff. 
7. Website information:

We endeavor to commit that all accurate information will be displayed on the website, but please note that the information is also edited from the hotel, so we cannot guarantee all the information. The above is absolutely correct or without any errors. We reserve the right to change the information displayed on the website (including these Terms and Conditions) at any time without prior notice. 
8. Responsibility: 

We will not be liable for any damage, loss, liability, complaint or fee (including the following causes: carelessness causing direct or indirect consequences Customer-generated) is generated from our website regarding products or services performed on this site.

We do not warrant or represent any room or service product on the website or the linked sites. Here our responsibility only allows you to make reservations. We are committed to renting the room provided by the member hotels and we are not responsible for the reason that there is no room available because the rental hotel exceeds the number of rooms. 

We appreciate your trust in choosing for online booking service. Therefore, we will preserve and protect your privacy and personal information details in a timely and careful manner. This safety and security policy applies to all services of CheckinDanang. 
1. Collect information

When you make a booking for a hotel, you will be asked to complete online procedures that provide information about: your name, address (home or office), email address (good company personal), phone number (mobile, home or office), credit card details. This information is required to make a booking and complete your reservation (including email booking confirmation to you). 
2. Disclosure of personal details 

We will collect information for the following purposes: 

Booking process: We will only disclose the name and contact details for the respective hotel that booking Room has been made to complete your booking procedure; or disclosing information required by law for criminal investigations, court proceedings, and adjudication.

Survey: By completing the reservation, you agree to the email inviting you to complete a guest review that we will send immediately after your stay at the hotel. You can also complete this review without naming it. After completing the guest review, it means that you allow us to use this complete review on our website, on the corresponding hotel information page and on the forums and the social network. others. With the sole purpose of providing information to customers (future) about (the level) of service and the quality of the respective hotel. We reserve the right to adjust, reject or remove reviews depending on our judgment. Guest reviews should be considered as a survey and do not include any incentives, solicitations or incentives (more commercial).

Newsletters and other information: If you want to subscribe to newsletters or other types of promotional communications or other information from us, we will provide the corresponding service selection section. In case you no longer want to receive newsletters and other types of promotional communications, you can simply use the simple click of the link to stop receiving the newsletter. 
3. Protect and secure your credit card information: Our 

servers and networks are protected by firewalls against unauthorized access and we have intrusion detection and monitoring systems and discover (illegally) access or misuse our servers. 
4. When will CheckinDanang send you an email?

After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation message with all information about your reservation. You can bring this confirmation to the hotel as proof of the reservation. We will also send you an email containing information about your destination, providing some specific information and incentives related to the booking.

In addition, after your stay at the hotel, we will send you an evaluation survey from the guest, which we would appreciate if you fill it out. Your complete review may be uploaded and used on the relevant hotel information page and on our similar forums and other social networks or trusted business partners. CheckinDanang owns, monitors, manages the organization for the purpose of notifying prospective customers of your opinion regarding the level of service and quality of the hotel. Sometimes you may receive from us newsletters or other information, depending on the level you have chosen. 
5. Contact: 

If you have any suggestions or comments about this safety and security policy, please email

At any time, we reserve the right to change the way we collect, transfer and resolve personal information and other similar information as we deem necessary. Therefore, the Safety and Security section can be edited to reflect the latest changes.