9 tips for a good beach trip

Summer holiday brings many choices for the best travel destination. To have a perfect trip to the beach and prevent yourself from avoidable accidents, besides thorough packing, you should bare in mind these tips.
1.     Swimming in crowded places to be supported in case of any accidents. Moreover, before swimming, running or doing exercise on the beach to avoid cramps.

9 tips for a good beach trip

2.     At least 2 bikinis must be prepared. Shorts, skirts, T-shirts will make you feel cool. Sandals must be worn instead of shoes to free your feet.

3.     Towels, swimming goggles must be brought. Children should be equipped with baby floats or floating chair.

4.     Down to SPF 30 sun creams are skin must – have items. Hats, sunglasses are necessaries.

9 tips for beach trip

5.     In addition, eye drops, ear picking cotton, shower lotion, shampoos are also useful. Dry food and drinks for hungry children after so much activity are needed.

6.     Asking the locals for safe beach information to avoid the risk of sand erosion, jellyfish, sharp stones... Do not swim too far from the shore or deep area. Always paying attention to restricted swimming area flag in most of the beaches or people around you. Being cautious of sand erosion and waves that can take you away from the shore.

7.     Do not swim too long in the sun or in the mid-afternoon. Watches, jewelry, especially necklaces must not be worn to prevent them from being swept away.

9 tips for a good beach trip

8.     Splitting a big team into smaller groups for easier management. Obeying safety regulation given by the tour guide when playing games as speed boat, surfing, running though, kayak, diving.... Staying near the safe area and avoiding obstacles from a long distant.
9 tips for a good beach trip

9.     Children should not be allowed to swim in cold water in a long time. Instead, permitting them swim in the pool or play in the sand.
Finally, please enjoy your wonderful trip.