12 extremely useful tips you need to know before traveling

Synthesis of useful tips for your trip

1. Save important document scans on your phone or laptop

12 extremely useful tips you need to know before traveling

Scanning and saving important documents on your phone or laptop can be useful when you forget or lose your original documents.

2. Using neck pouch for phone and remembering some important phone numbers

It’s easier to lose your phone in continuous movement; therefore, your phone should be put into a small neck pouch for phone. Besides, you should also keep in mind a few important phone numbers for urgent cases.

3. Pouring cosmetics to small handy containers

To avoid heavy and cumbersome bottles, you should put cosmetics into handy containers. These bottles are available in supermarkets and grocery stores.

4. Rolling clothing for packing

12 extremely useful tips you need to know before traveling

Rolling clothing for packing can help minimize wrinkles, save space, and remove easily.

5. Bringing comfortable clothing

Most girls are fashionistas and always want to dress beautifully in all circumstances. Therefore, it’s really difficult to find beautiful but comfortable clothing for beautiful photos and a long moving day. Besides, your clothing must be suitable for your destination weather.

6. Bringing your lip balm and moisturizer to protect skin.

Your skin will be damaged due to outdoor activities and sun exposure in long periods. Hereby, you should bring lip balms and moisturizers with sun protection ingredients to maximally protect your skin.

7. Bringing wind oils or essential oils

These oils can be used to relax your body or as good treatments for insect bites, and muscle aches.

8. Scarves

Scarves can keep your body warm and can be used as coats when you visit spiritual and religious places. Moreover, a trendy scarf will make your outfit become more perfect.

9. Strengthening your digestive system before starting your trips

12 extremely useful tips you need to know before traveling

Regularly eating yogurt 2 weeks prior to your trips brings a healthy digestive system that facilities you to try new food during your trips.

10. Learning about culture and tradition of your target destinations

It’s essential to learn the culture, customs and traditions of your target destinations because if you understand local culture, you will understand more about indigenous culture, which helps you know more about good food, interesting attractions and impressive experiences. Besides, cultural understanding also helps you avoid taboos.

11. Withdrawing at ATM

12 extremely useful tips you need to know before traveling

It’s more convenient and economical to withdrawal at ATMs than airport exchange
Buying local sim cards
The first thing to do if you want to contract with others when traveling abroad is buying local sim cards. These sim cards will facilitate you to keep in touch with others.

12. Giving money to homeless people

On the last day of your trips, you should give the rest of foreign money to the local homeless.