Banh My Hoi An – the world famous cuisine

Known as the best bread in the world, many visitors consider Banh My Hoi An as the most delicious and enjoyable food. Complimented by many bloggers and food experts so what makes up the quality and reputation of Banh My Hoi An?

The quintessence of street food.

Banh My Hoi An – the world famous cuisine

Good Banh My requires a meticulous process with many different stages. You can feel how attractive it is when you hold this hot Banh My with a lot of things inside. Without any ingredients, the delicious taste of the bread will be lost.
Bread – the most important ingredient must be made from wheat flour and shall always be kept fresh and warm to remain the crust crispness as well as the soft and chewy inner part. Xa Xiu (well-seasoned grilled or roasted pork) is used instead of bacon. Besides, pate also contributes to the special taste of Banh My. Good pate requires a sophisticated process because it’s must be sure that the fresh pate shall be fat, soft, moist and flavorful. There is also yellow handmade greasy and melting mayonnaise, made from eggs and cooking oil. Moreover, beef-pie, pork-pie, shumai, ham a long with fresh salad, pickle papaya bring better appetite. The unique well-seasoning Banh My’s gravy is partly from Xa Xiu so it’s tasted excellently sweat.

Banh My Hoi An – the world famous cuisine

Ingredient arrangement of a Banh My is carefully made in a particular way. The arrangement and combination of all ingredients create a distinct taste. In addition, the extremely lively mixture of colors like red, white and yellow make this food irresistible.

Some famous Banh My store in Hoi An:

Banh My Hoi An – the world famous cuisine

Banh My Hoi An has long been a famous brand of worldwide tourists. Gradually, there are more and more kinds of Banh My with diverse flavors. To make it easier for you to choose a suitable Banh My, 7 suggestions on tastiest Banh My Hoi An store are given. Hopefully, you will feel satisfied with this food when visiting Hoi An.

1.     Pho Co Banh My store

Address: 02 Le Loi Street
Chosen by a lot of tourists, Pho Co located at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao - Le Loi - Nguyen Cong Tru, is an all-day traditional bakery, with basic materials and easy to enjoy.

2.     Lanh Banh My store

Address: 430 Cua Dai Street.
According to gourmets, this is the most delicious Banh My store in the east of Hoi An match up. Working hour is from mid-afternoon until late at night, this store is always full of buyers.

3.     Queen (Mrs Khanh) Banh My store

Address: 115 Tran Cao Van Street
Being honourably named as Madam Khanh by tourists, Khanh has spent more than 30 years on this roadside Banh My store. That partly expresses her passion on Banh My and the quality of her products.

4.     Bua Banh My store

Address: 117 Nguyen Truong To Street.
It’s a variation of Banh My Hoi An, when Banh My is eaten with sticky rice or banh chung. This Banh My store is famous for decades. Hot steamed sticky rice together with fragrant crispy Banh My give you a full and delicious breakfast.

5.     Bich Banh My store

Address: 57 Phan Chu Trinh Street.
Bich Banh My store has been moved to its current place in front of Hoi An cinema. This is a place seek by many people who addict to Banh My. Eating bread and enjoying the ancient town will bring you an innovative experience in this peaceful land.

6.     Minh Thu roasted pork Banh My store

Address: 248 Ly Thuong Kiet Street.
Thanks to being a rotary kiln, the specialties of this store is roasted pork Banh My. This Banh My has nothing to complain with crispy skin, flavorful fat, soft lean roasted pork.

7.     Phuong Banh My store

Address: 2b Phan Chu Trinh Street.
“The best Banh My store of the world” is named by travelers with all the praise and excitement. There is no word can be used to describe this Banh My but “wonderful”. After enjoying this Banh My, Hoi An people will insist on eating it at least once a week, while the tourists can’t help praising and wish to have chance to enjoy it again.
Bread itself can express a lot of things: a handy street food that can buy in any street. Although appearing all around the world, this European-style fast food becomes a specialty of Hoi An. You will remember the unique taste of Banh My forever after enjoying it in Hoi An.