Why call Da Nang a city worth living?

Today checkindanang.com will share some information about why? Da Nang is called a livable city, so that everyone can better understand the city!

Why call Da Nang a city worth living?

It is not natural that Da Nang is also known as Da Nang, a city worth living. Because Da Nang always contains interesting things that attract tourists near and far.

Love all the human life here, love the idyllic mixed with modernity amidst the beautiful natural scenery. Then it must be said that the city worth living is Da Nang, not anywhere else.

Once coming will be a nostalgia for those who come to the city

Along with names that are not inferior such as Da Lat, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, each place has its own outstanding strengths and attractions, Da Nang is in the top 10 most livable cities in Vietnam and not only has risen to the top.

Because Da Nang converges factors that attract both domestic and foreign tourists to come and explore, and one thing in common is that most tourists are reluctant to choose this place as a place to reside, never wanting to return.

They were conquered by the charming beauty of Da Nang, the relaxed atmosphere not too busy, the idyllic life, but no less modern. Especially famous landmarks and unique cuisine of the Central region

The first thing to mention Da Nang is to mention the wild beauty, the charm of nature is always the pride of the people of Da Nang, it is also a tourist destination attracting domestic and international tourists.

Da Nang owns a charming wild beauty. Da Nang island paradise attracts tourists. Not only being favored by mother nature for its charming scenery, Da Nang always knows how to renew itself, creating a "hot" level to attract tourists by the impressive architectural works that are always on the list. Find the perfect destination.

Introducing Da Nang, it is impossible not to mention that the pride of the people of Da Nang is My Khe beach. My Khe Beach was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet thanks to its excellent beauty, calm, clear water and high safety. Next is the Ba Na cable car route, which has achieved 4 world records with the longest total cable length, the largest difference, the longest, and the heaviest cable.

Da Nang city of bridges. The Dragon Bridge with an impressive length of 666m has been honored internationally with the EEA Technical Excellence Award, with the image of a powerful dragon full of spirit reaching out to the sea, flaming with fire and water spewing atmosphere. familiar fun every evening.

Han River Bridge with a unique design, also known as a revolving bridge, can rotate up to 90 degrees around the axis, is a place of historical significance, the pride of the people of Da Nang is also a place. attract visitors to admire the moment of the swinging bridge.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the longest bridge in Vietnam, from the bridge you can see the beauty of Son Tra peninsula, this is also a bridge with an important position and significance in the economic trade of Da Nang. Referring to the famous bridges, it is impossible to ignore the Love Bridge with heart-shaped lanterns that light up every evening, the image of a carp turning into a dragon symbolizing prosperity and strength.

Most recently, people remember Da Nang with the image of the Golden Bridge with a giant hand as if supporting a soft silk strip, a new symbol, a prominent check-in place when coming to Ba Na Hills on the road to the fairyland.

Located on the extremely attractive central tourist axis.  A worthy entertainment area. Social security is focused. Fascinated with unique cuisine. Reasonable standard of living. There is so much greatness here. All is encapsulated and recognized to become a livable City.

Hopefully the article will bring a lot of useful information for you as well as understand more about the name Da Nang - the city worth living!

Wherever you go, remember to come to Da Nang to experience the great things here, everyone!